Affiliate Program

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The affiliate program of rewards its affiliates 1$ commission for every pattern sold from their referrals.

Each affiliate accepted into the affiliate program receives an affiliate ID that is added to the URL and used to track the affiliate sales.

For example, If my affiliate ID is: 1

My unique link to the site is:

You can publish the unique link with your user number in the following media:
Facebook, Whatsapp, email, website, blog, forum, sponsored advertising on Google and Facebook.
* The brand name must not be used in Google sponsored advertising.
* It is forbidden to publish in other media without our express written permission.
* We reserve the right to disqualify affiliates who operate in prohibited ways and all of their commissions.

To register for the affiliate program, go to the link: Register as an affiliate 

After your approval, you will have access to the affiliate area on the site, where you can get all the data about your commissions.
You will also receive an email about every sale that comes through the site through you.
In the affiliate area you will also find a tool for creating a link with your user ID to each page on the site.

Good Luck!

For questions you can contact me through me contact page