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Talia Loops Israel

This may surprise you – but crochet was not love at first sight for me…

The first time I crocheted was at summer camp, when I was 13… 

One of the camp activities was crocheting – and the teacher was extremely strict. 

What I remember most, is the words “unravel” and “start over – so it wasn’t a lot for fun 😊 

I didn’t crochet after that camp experience. 

The years passed, work, marriage, children, I suddenly noticed that I had more time as my children grew up. 

Then came the need to fulfill myself, create, find some form of creative outlet to express myself… 

I sat down and thought about what I know to do with my hands, what field should I start and create in – and then I remembered I know how to crochet…

In hindsight, that strict teacher, turned out to be a good one… 😊 

Despite 15 years having passes, I still remember everything from that summer camp! 

I started to crochet scarves and hats… but I got bored rather quickly. 

That was when I found the dolls – and fell in love!!! 

When I crochet figures, I feel creative, like a sculpture or a painter. 

I have a certain image in my mind, a thought, an idea or a picture, and I try to bring it to life through threads and hooks. 

And even though I already have an idea, I never know what the outcome will be. 

Sometimes, I feel that the figure has a life and will of its own. 

I plan a smile, but the figure wants to be sad, or pensive or dreamy… or perhaps the other way around. 

When I crochet the figure, I constantly think and imagine the moment it would be complete, I think of the person that would receive it, his or her excitement and enthusiasm… I project good energies into the figure – and I think it shows. 

Even as I write down the pattern, I always think of the person receiving it. I aim at making the pattern easy to read, that the person working with it would enjoy the process, that it would be clear and simple on the one hand, but gorgeous on the other. 

I make sure to write everything down in my patterns, all the crochet steps, so that nothing is left unanswered or unclear. 

I make sure that the pattern is colorful and beautiful – so that you have a great time crocheting. 

You’re more than welcome to purchase the pattern you like most, I’m thrilled and can’t wait to see the figures you’ve made – send me a pic! 

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